Facilities Rental Resources

Conference Room Rental/Reservations

The Law Resources Center is equipped with conference rooms that can be reserved and rented for various sized meetings.  Limited rooms are equipped with the ability to perform audio and video conferencing.

Deposition Rooms

If you have a need to perform depositions, the Law Resources Center is outfitted with large rooms for large deposition needs as well as smaller more intimate rooms for smaller needs.  Rooms are also outfitted with audio and video conferencing that can be used for long distance depositions.

Training and Seminar Room

The Law Resources Center has a large 50+ person room ideal for training and seminars.  The Law Resources Center is a video replay host site for ICLEF training for Continuing Legal Education and Continued Mediators Education.  In addition to hosting ICLEF training, the LRC offers other training opportunities.

The Seminar room, when available, can be rented/reserved for large groups.  The seminar room is outfitted with audio/visual technology when needed for technology rich training.