Parent Partnership Classes

The LRC Offers a suite of classes benefiting parents who desire to co-parent their children in whatever stage of separation the parent relationship is in.  The LRC offers a class for High Conflict Parents, a class for Never Married parents, and a class for Parents in the Pre-Dissolution phase just beginning the separation process.

A little about each class………

High Conflict Parent Partnership Class – CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE

Learning To Succeed as Co-Parents

Divorcing or Separating Parent Partnership Class– CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE

divorced parentsA class benefiting parents who file for divorce or separation. Co-Parents participate with other co-parenting couples to learn the no-nonsense, innovative, experiential, real world ways to devise a parenting plan, improve or establish communication skills, learn about child development topics and parenting in separate homes. This course is most effective within 60 days of the initial filing for separation or divorce.

Co-Parenting for Unmarried Parents – CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE

Co-Parenting for Unmarried ParentsA class to educate co-parents about local and state guidelines and rules, assist in complying with court orders, and educate on the topics or child development, communication and effective parenting plans.

In addition, co-parenting couples will learn topics related to decision making, living and financial arrangements as they develop their unique parenting plans.

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